Lightweight Crash or Stiffening Performance

Plastic-based SikaStructure® is designed to be used as part of our body-strengthening structural insert system. The SikaStructure® carrier is a stiff, 3-dimensional shape, which is optimized using CAE simulation to ensure optimal crash or stiffening performance, at the lowest possible weight. When secured to the vehicle cavity using a SikaReinforcer® foam or a SikaPower® adhesive, the system creates a stronger vehicle structure and creates exciting new reinforcement options for vehicle engineers.


SikaStructure® / SikaReinforcer® - SikaStructure® carriers are combined with over-molded SikaReinforcer® foam and delivered as a single part that can be inserted into the body cavity robotically or manually.

SikaStructure® / SikaPower® - SikaPower® adhesive beads are applied to the surface of the SikaStructure® carrier, ensuring a strong bond between the part and the sheet metal. The structural inserts can be robotically or manually inserted into the vehicle cavity.

Main Material Properties

A variety of SikaStructure® configurations are available, depending on the needs of the specific application:

  • Range of materials with 30 to 50% fiberglass content to achieve specific Young's Modulus targets
  • Excellent adhesion properties with SikaPower® or SikaReinforcer® foam
  • Optimized surfaces and design parameters utilized for perfect bonding with SikaPower® or SikaReinforcer® foam


  • Low material mass – CAE-optimized design
  • Adapted for NVH, local stiffness, fatigue or crash applications
  • Greater design freedom – can be created for any 3-dimensional shape

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