Tooling, Electronic Potting and Composite Systems

Epoxy and polyurethane system for models and molds

The brand SikaBiresin® represents specialized liquid resins based on polyurethane and epoxy. A part of this brand is dedicated to classic and advanced tooling and modeling applications. While other products are specialized on specific applications in the production industry. 

From special layers and resins for air and medical filters, even crystal-clear products for art and decorating are part of this broad reaching product brand. Specialized resins for encapsulation of electric and electronic parts as well as composite resins for lightweight design and production complete the portfolio.


  • Model and tool making
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Exterial parts e.g. engine hoods
  • Interior parts
  • Light weight wheels


  • Different resins available for different processes and requirements
  • Highly experienced technical service support available for on-site systems implementation
  • Resins and hardeners available in different container sizes
More than
airbag sensors encapsulated per year with SikaBiresin®

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