With a full suite of bonding, damping, sealing and reinforcing solutions, Sika is a key development partner for both automotive OEMs and suppliers.  Explore our wide-ranging solution set and learn how we’re helping to make today’s vehicles safer, stronger, lighter, quieter and greener.

Quieter Rides Start with Sika

Vehicle NVH characteristic is important for consumers but reducing vehicle noise can be complex. Sika Acoustic Systems address both vehicle's airborne and structure-borne noise.  Our baffle and damping product family integrates custom-designed parts within the body structure.

Stronger Bonds Start With Sika

Sustainable vehicle design has become a major influencing factor in car production. Performance, economic, legislative and environmental targets are influencing OEM thinking and driving the need for durable body shop adhesives that can improve stiffness, crash durability and fatigue performance, as well as contribute to weight reduction.

Charge Your Ambition; Solutions for Battery Systems

Sika enables the accelerating trend of electric powertrains; our solutions include intumescent fire protective coatings, thermal conductive adhesives, thermal gap fillers, dielectric potting and encapsulation systems, plus bonding and sealing solutions for battery enclosure assembly.

Meeting the Need for Efficiency and Performance

Finding more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly paint systems is a key challenge for automotive manufacturers. At Sika, we offer a wide range of high-quality paint shop sealers to meet the cost, performance and environmental needs of our customers.

Lightweight Bonding Solutions for Exterior Components

Vehicle exterior is key to the vehicle's brand and can have a significant impact on the consumer purchasing decisions. But exterior design isn't all about look: components like sunroofs, headlights or tailgates also play an important role in aerodynamics, driver visibility, and vehicle safety.

Elastic Adhesives Improves Safety and Design Flexibility

In the assembly line, Sika offers bonding solutions for direct glazing, component bonding and body sealing to meet customer requirements in joining performance and process capability. Additionally, for lightweighting, Sika has innovative products for elastic bonding of mixed-materials.

More Refined Interiors Start with Sika

A flexible manufacturing process creates almost unlimited options for consumers, but for OEMs, it requires flexible processes like interior bonding that can accommodate a constantly increasing mix of materials.

Adding Strength, Maximizing Design Potential

At Sika, we offer a wide range of structural insert technologies that reinforce car body structures while delivering a variety of additional processes and performance benefits, including improved acoustics.


Learn all about structure-borne noise and vibration damping in automobiles. This comprehensive e-book provides design guidelines for practical application in vehicle design. It describes problems encountered in automobile development and provides an overview of the most important body-in-white noise reduction and vibration damping solutions. 

Damping of Structure-borne noise In automobiles E-Book

Sika in the News

Sika Global Automotive is active in the industry in the segments we serve, OEM and OES vehicle and component assembly, as well as ancillary activities supporting the Automotive Industry.  

Sika announces that we have successfully completed the acquisition of Hamatite business of The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.