Distributing Concentrated High Loads Over a Large Surface

Solutions that allow manufacturers to maintain the performance of a body design over the lifetime of a vehicle can provide a real competitive advantage. Our robust SikaReinforcer® technology allows body designers to simplify complex design construction, discharge high load-areas, and reduce sheet metal thicknesses.

Finding ways to cut weight is a key goal for vehicle engineers but weight savings can’t come at the cost of safety. Our SikaReinforcer® structural inserts add structural strength because they’re designed to help more efficiently distribute high-stress loads over a larger surface area. This allows engineers to utilize thinner sheet metal which reduces vehicle weight. In some cases, it also eliminates some non-efficient welding processes associated with conventional assembly lines (for example, where the welding tool has limited access to an area).

Custom-Engineered, Process Friendly Solutions

Our experienced engineering team will evaluate your application and help you identify a solution that meets or exceeds all of your performance and cycle-time requirements.


  •  Doors, closures
  •  Hinge attachment and reinforcement
  •  Component fixation


  • Flexible design possibilities – can be adapted to any complex metal sheet design
  • Easy implementation – can be added at any point in the body development process
  • Easy assembly process - simplified joining method

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