Research & Development

WITH PASSION AND COMMITMENT FOR INNOVATION, Sika’s Research and Development team members take the customer-centric approach in developing products and technologies for current demands, while also anticipating future needs through understanding of key market trends. This is partly what sets Sika apart from other companies, it is our fabric and DNA for continued relativity in the markets we serve, and the markets we enter.

Further, through our inherent collaborative processes and by working closely with Sika’s extensive engineering, technical service, and manufacturing teams, our R&D teams can accelerate the transition of the latest Sealing, Damping, Bonding, and Reinforcing innovations from the laboratory to proven performance in the vehicle.

Sika has been recognized by “New Journal of Zurich”, ranking Sika among the top-ten Swiss companies registering patents at the European Patent Office in 2013

  • Munich-based research institute, - The Value Group, ranked Sika’s innovation capacity as number one among major Swiss companies; citing financial performance, human capital, and innovation capacity.
  • We have a Worldwide network of 19 Technology and Development Centers throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • We employ dedicated staffing of more than 1200 R&D team members, most with advanced degrees.

The combined capabilities of these centers and our R&D Teams are not merely focused on advanced material development; they also contribute significantly to real-time evaluation of material applications in vehicles, to gain an in-depth understanding of material performance properties, to quantify surface characteristics at material interfaces and to substantiate performance longevity.