Your “all-in-one” Portfolio for Professional Glass Replacement

To most drivers, the windshield is just a window to the world. To an automotive engineer, it’s part of an important safety system that supports the airbag in the event of a crash and plays an important role in enhancing the structural stiffness of a vehicle. It’s no surprise then, that windshield replacement is no simple task.

View of technician manually applying Sikaflex aftermarket glass replacement adhesive on windshield

Glass replacement adhesives must meet standards, like FMVSS208/212, which defines performance requirements for occupant crash protection and windshield mounting. OEMs also have their own specifications related to safe drive-away time, modulus, antenna suitability, and more; requirements that have also become ‘standard’ for windshield repair applications.

With our Sika® Aktivator, Sika®Primer, Sikaflex®, and SikaTack® products, we offer a full variety of professional repair products for glass replacement:

  • Our PUR-adhesives are developed according to OEM requirements and meet all of their specifications
  • Our Sikaflex®-250 product family, one-component repair adhesives can be cold- or warm-applied and cure with humidity
  • SikaTack®, when combined with SikaBooster® is an accelerated adhesive system, which cures independently of humidity
  • Sika® Aktivator and Sika®Primer are proven process-friendly pre-treatment products

This “all-in-one” customized repair set allows repair facilities to professionally complete glass replacement with a short safe drive-away time that meets the requirements of FMVSS 208/212, as well as OEM requirements.


  • Glass replacement
  • Re-work in the plant



  • Short Safe-Drive-Away time
  •  Re-install to original conditions
  •  Accelerated PUR-Adhesives system

Glass Replacement Kits

Working Together to Simplify the Repair Process

Sikaflex®-250 products are a family of one-component, PUR glass bonding adhesives for repair applications, which are designed to cure with ambient humidity. Curing times can be varied based on the specific requirements of each manufacturer; full curing of a standard one-component PUR-adhesive usually occurs within approximately 7 days.

When faster curing times are required – or sufficient humidity is unavailable – SikaTack® plus SikaBooster® can be utilized to accelerate the curing process. Sika® Aktivator and Sika® Primer pre-treatments complete our high-quality repair glass replacement portfolio.

Together, these products give repair technicians the tools needed to easily and safely complete the repair with a single-use repair package, which contains all of the components, including any additional tools, required for the job.

Offered mainly through private-label brands, these packages have been developed, tested, and approved to OEM specifications. This ensures that replacement glass can always be re-installed to the original OEM standard and that the job (when completed properly) will meet all of the vehicle owner’s safety- and comfort expectations.

Close up View of technician manually applying Sikaflex glass replacement adhesive on windshield
Image of Sika Premium Autoglass replacement kit including Sikaflex Adhesive, pretreatment’s, and nozzles

In all cases, the bonding area must be pre-treated to OEM instructions. Sika pre-treatments are available in a single-use package which is easy to use and assures that the product is always fresh when needed.  Sikaflex®-250 adhesives are shipped in a single-use cartridge and, depending on the specification, either cold or warm applied. SikaTack® adhesives with SikaBooster® must be pre-heated prior to the application. Both systems can be extruded with a 1C-application gun.

Main Material Properties
  • Developed, tested and approved to the OEM specification
  • Short safe drive-away time
  • Good non-sag resistance
  • Good application properties
  • Can be cold- or warm-applied

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