Material Lab Zurich

Sustained investments in technical facilities and in Research and Development staffing continues to grow not only our footprint but also serves to expand our capabilities as market applications evolve.

Sika's R&D strategy includes centralized and decentralized components that complement each other perfectly. The centrally organized research organization handles long term research programs, delivers analytical services, and establishes R&D management for the entire Sika Group.

The second component engaging R&D strategy is the regional adaptation of products, solutions, and applications. Regional Technology Centers in America, Europe, and Asia take on this challenge.

  • Our Global network of 19 technical and development centers includes 6 sites dedicated to the development of automotive products and technologies.
  • Extensive test specimen construction, destructive and non-destructive test capability, specimen, and data evaluation.
  • Small pilot manufacturing, advanced application techniques, and material formulation capabilities offer agile transfer from the lab to the world.
  • Facilities for full vehicle NVH solution development and material characterization. See more on Acoustic Test Centers.
Engineer standing in a hemi-anechoic dynamometer test chamber adjusting testing equipment next to vehicle