Benefits that go Beyond the Bond

Structural bonding is the most effective joining technique employed in the body shop. Car manufacturers around the world rely on SikaPower® adhesives for a broad range of applications. In addition to proven high-performance joining – with similar mixed metal or mixed material surfaces – SikaPower® delivers a long list of performance and process benefits, including increased car body stiffness, excellent oil absorption and wash-out resistance, long-term corrosion resistance, long shelf-life and a reduction in the number of spot weld points required.

Logo for 2021 Edison Awards Winner - Sika - Bronze

Sika Automotive named a Bronze Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards for Innovative SikaPower-550® G Structural Adhesive for Automobile Assembly

Full Body of Structural Solutions

SikaPower® structural adhesives lower overall car weight and manufacturing cost while significantly increasing mechanical and fatigue performance.  Same or mixed material joining, the strong performance of SikaPower® joining technologies are proven - over decades of use.

SikaPower® cold pumpable adhesives have the superior performance needed for automotive structural applications, especially in the area of wash-out resistance.  


  • Full car body structures
  • Mixed-material bonding
  • Hem-flange bonding


  • Can be applied with standard cold or warm pumping equipment
  • Lower warranty cost – excellent aging durabilt
  • Increased car body stiffness – high E-modulus and Tg
  • Cost-saving – reduction of spot welding points
  • Excellent wash-out performance
  • Minimized maintenance efforts and excellent shelf life


This comprehensive guide enables designers to develop bonded body structures. It contains information throughout the entire process, from materials and surfaces to testing, mechanical impact, design and simulation aspects, manufacturing, and process-related topics, all the way to vehicle repair. The content has been selected because it is relevant to the design and development phase of a vehicle body. Understanding the effects and processes described in the guide allows for the design of sound and reliable bonded structures. The guide has been created on the basis of several decades of experience and profound knowledge.