Benefits that go Beyond the Bond

Structural bonding is the most effective joining technique employed in the body shop. Car manufacturers around the world rely on SikaPower® adhesives for a broad range of applications. In addition to proven high-performance joining – with similar mixed metal or mixed material surfaces – SikaPower® delivers a long list of performance and process benefits, including increased car body stiffness, excellent oil absorption and wash-out resistance, long-term corrosion resistance, long shelf-life and a reduction in the number of spot weld points required.

Logo for 2021 Edison Awards Winner - Sika - Bronze

Sika Automotive named a Bronze Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards for Innovative SikaPower-550® G Structural Adhesive for Automobile Assembly

Full Body of Structural Solutions

SikaPower® structural adhesives lower overall car weight and manufacturing cost while significantly increasing mechanical and fatigue performance.  Same or mixed material joining, the strong performance of SikaPower® joining technologies are proven - over decades of use.

SikaPower® cold pumpable adhesives have the superior performance needed for automotive structural applications, especially in the area of wash-out resistance.  


  • Full car body structures
  • Mixed-material bonding
  • Hem-flange bonding


  • Can be applied with standard cold or warm pumping equipment
  • Lower warranty cost – excellent aging durabilt
  • Increased car body stiffness – high E-modulus and Tg
  • Cost-saving – reduction of spot welding points
  • Excellent wash-out performance
  • Minimized maintenance efforts and excellent shelf life