Exceptional Cost/Weight-to-Performance

SikaDamp® solutions comprise a broad family of sound deadeners based on elastomers, bitumen or butyl, which can also be coupled with a constraining layer. Designed for best-in-class weight-to-performance ratios, while still providing industry-leading damping performance, SikaDamp® can be applied at any point during vehicle assembly or installed at the stamping location.

SikaDamp® is versatile in application as a magnetic, self-adhesive, melt-adhesive or peel-and-stick product in standard and custom shapes. Placement and shape of parts can be highly tuned through laser-vibrometer analysis of the entire body panel system, which allows for targeted, cost-efficient use, while achieving maximum damping effect.


Ultra Lightweight Damping
Up to 80 % weight reduction compared with similar products. Targeted damping is a highly effective way to eliminate the noise associated with vibration in body panels. SikaDamp®-Ultralight is a constrained layer material which provides highly effective damping.

Constrained Layer Damping
Best-in-class acoustic performance, highly effective on doors and panels. Hybrid versions combine acoustic damping and panel stiffening in a single product.

Monolayer Damping

Highly versatile for flat, curved, crimped, vertical, and overhead use. Can be applied throughout the body production process

Automated Application of Body in White Sealing Elements

SikaDamp® Autopad is a butyl based system especially designed for an automated application of sealing elements for sheet metal holes to ensure corrosion safety, water tightness, and a targeted noise damping function which can enable weight reduction.

Increased Stiffness Combined With Structure Borne Noise Reduction
SikaDamp® Hybrid is an advanced material system that adds stiffness and improves structure-borne noise performance of the treated components (e.g. a door panel) in a single product. It combines the high acoustic performance of SikaDamp® with a sophisticated panel stiffening effect.


  • Full range of solutions that allows effective structure-borne noise reduction of car body elements
  • From extreme lightweight, versatile to high performance with the possibility to automate
  • Flexible design options (die-cut), highly customizable
  • Improved targeted acoustics without compromising weight
Up to
50% (6db)
Interior Noise Reduction Thanks to Sika's Acoustic Solutions

Further Reading

Acoustic Test Centers

In the Sika Acoustic Test facilities, Sika Engineers and Application
Experts perform virtual and physical testing, analyze the results, and
propose solutions that deliver optimal weight-to-performance ratio for
each specific application.