Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Kind of Lamination

Interior view of vehicle door using Sika lamination adhesive solutions

Interior surfaces are an important part of the perceived quality of a vehicle, and Sika’s bonding technology for parts lamination allows designers to deliver attractive, soft feel surfaces, while meeting all of the related technical and environmental requirements. Reactive or non-reactive SikaMelt® hotmelt technologies, such as PUR or polyolefin adhesives, as well as our water and solvent-based SikaTherm® and SikaSense® solutions, provide excellent performance while meeting process- and OEM-specific requirements.

With a range of proven adhesive technologies available, we can provide tailor-made products that meet specific lamination requirements for:

  • Vacuum Covering Lamination – PVC and TPO foils, textiles, wood and plastics
  • Press Lamination – specialized in textile and artificial leather surfaces
  • Leather Lamination – a specialized lamination process for natural materials


  • Door panels, inserts and armrests
  • Load floors, seat back panels and headliners
  • Sun visors and pillars
  • Top rolls and instrument panels


  • No additional costs for pre-treatment even on PP with the selected material combination
  • Process materials can be pre-coated and therefore be used for days
  • Simple application processes with 1-component curing or non-curing SikaMelt® hotmelt adhesives
  • Classification-free products are available for improved production/operator safety
More than
5 Million Door Panels
for multiple OEMS are laminated annually with Sika technology