High-Strength, High-Value Solutions

During a crash, conventional car body structures collapse and deform.  Standard solutions to this challenge typically utilize metal reinforcements, increased material thickness, or alternative high-strength material grades, which creates additional material costs, weight increases, or complex assembly processes.

SikaReinforcer® structural inserts help to efficiently distribute the crash energy load over a larger surface and ensure high levels of crash performance without added weight, cost, or complexity. This allows designers and engineers to imagine new possibilities and push the limitations of conventional vehicle designs by utilizing ever-thinner sheet metal, imagining new assembly processes, or reducing section dimensions, without compromising crash performance.

Safety First: Meeting All of Your Requirements

Depending on the load level and on the existing process in the plant, we offer a wide range of structural solutions including SikaReinforcer® foam and SikaReinforcer® HSB (High Strength Bonding). Our engineering team is ready to assist customers in evaluating and developing a solution that meets all of their requirements while maximizing the potential of their design.


  •  A-, B- and C-pillars (upper and lower)
  •  Roof frames
  •  Rocker, sills


  • Weight reduction – compared to equivalent performing metal solution
  • Highest performing HSB system – offers advanced solutions for crash applications
  • Flexible design possibilities – can be adapted to any complex metal sheet design
  • Easy implementation for derivative models – such as hybrids and electrical versions

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