Adding Strength, Not Complexity

SikaReinforcer® is a heat-reactive and foamable epoxy material that is used in combination with our SikaStructure® carrier to reinforce vehicle body structures. After curing in the E-coat oven, SikaReinforcer® foam creates a strong connection between the SikaStructure® carrier and the car body’s metal sheets. In this way, SikaReinforcer® can be used to improve NVH (noise vibration harshness) behavior, local stiffness, and crash performance, while also contributing to overall weight reduction (when compared to the equivalent steel design solutions).


SikaReinforcer® is delivered as a part used for stiffness or crash improvement of car body structures. The structural inserts can be robotically or manually inserted into vehicle cavities during the assembly process.

Main Material Properties

Sika provides a broad range of epoxy-based formulations, allowing engineers to meet specific requirements of each OEM application:

  • Expansion from 80% to 250%
  • Extended curing window from 140 °C to 220 °C
  • Young's modulus in compression from 380 to 1100 MPa


  • Low-density material – due to its expansion properties
  • Expanding foam helps compensate for, and reduce, gaps in the structural assembly
  • Creates a durable and strong connection between the carrier and metal forms in closed cavities
  • Excellent adhesion to oily and E-coated steel, aluminum and plastic components

SikaReinforcer Repair

A Fast Curing Adhesive for Structural Applications

SikaReinforcer®-900 R is a two-component, high strength epoxy-based structural adhesive that is applied either to the reinforcement replacement part or directly into the vehicle cavity (which is recommended with small cavities). Fast and efficient, this process ensures that optimum load transfer is enabled and the structural integrity of the vehicle body is enhanced. The adhesive cures at ambient temperature and is completely cured after 48 hours, even when applied on large bonding surfaces like the B-pillar. SikaReinforcer®-900 R adheres to aluminum, phosphate, and electroplated metal surfaces, PA6 and PA66.

Repair Application

In repair or replacement of a reinforcement part, heat-reactive foamable SikaReinforcer® epoxy is replaced by SikaReinforcer®-900 R adhesive. The adhesive is applied directly on the SikaStructure® parts (e.g. A-Pillar, B-Pillar, roof rails) and the parts joined directly to the car body.

Repair Main Material Properties

  • High mechanical strength – enhances the structural integrity of the body
  • Cures at ambient temperatures – cures completely in 48 hours
  • Adheres to a variety of materials and substrates – aluminum, phosphate and electroplated metal surfaces, PA6 and PA66

Repair Benefits

  • Flexibility – can be applied on SikaStructure® inserts or directly into small cavities
  • Meets all OEM requirements - environmental, adhesion, corrosion
  • Easy application - dispensed in a u-TAH “2 in 1” cartridge system through a dynamic mixer for fast, easy application

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