Smarter Technology for Stronger Body Structures

Increasing the dynamic stiffness of the car body is one-way engineers can improve the driving comfort of their vehicles. The trend towards lightweight design, however, has led to reductions in the thickness of the sheet metal used and the use of Ultra-high strength steel grades – both approaches have a negative impact on NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) characteristics. Using local reinforcement inserts (like our SikaReinforcer® technology) is one-way engineers can overcome this challenge; improving global bending or torsional dynamic stiffness, without adding significant mass.

A Lightweight Solution for Cavity Stabilization

With SikaReinforcer®, CAE-designed structural inserts are inserted into the cavity of the body structure and cured in the E-coat ovens. The result is a lightweight, durable bridge between the sheet metal that fully stabilizes the cavities structure without adding additional steps to the assembly process.

Improving Static Stiffness

The ability to reduce sheet metal thickness is often limited by local structure load requirements or elastic deformation in one area of the component. Local structural inserts provide targeted reinforcement to the structure, allowing engineers to further decrease the thickness of the sheet metal, save mass, and simplify body designs.


  •  A-, B- and C-pillars (upper and lower)
  •  D-ring
  •  Roof frames


  • Weight reduction – compared to equivalent performing metal solution
  • Flexible design possibilities – can be adapted to any complex metal sheet design
  • Easy implementation – can be added at any point in the body development process
  • Easy assembly process – simplified joining method

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