A Single Solution for all Substrates

As consumer expectations for vehicle comfort increases, so do the levels of quality required for the vehicle interior. Flocking is a state-of-the-art process that allows manufacturers to meet those expectations for quality, especially on plastic parts. Sika’s solutions are flexible enough to accommodate the increased complexity of parts geometry while meeting industry emission and odor standards, and production process requirements.

We offer water-based one- and two-component products that can be used to create high-quality surfaces for a wide variety of interior design components, including glove boxes, consoles, and sliding elements.

SikaTherm® flocking adhesives provide excellent spray properties and good adhesion to substrates while meeting the latest OEM abrasion and climatic test standards.

When required, SikaCure® can be added to improve water and abrasion resistance.


  • Glove boxes
  • Center consoles
  • Storage compartments within armrests
  • Door gaskets  


  • Flexibility – multipurpose flocking adhesive covers a broad variety of flocking operations with one product
  • High water, UV and abrasion resistance – with excellent VOC properties
  • Easy processing – even for difficult 3D shapes
  • Worker friendly – application, smell and activation  

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