High Tech Resins for Innovative Industries

Sika’s resin formulations satisfy the most demanding requirements of potting, encapsulation and casting applications in the automotive industry:

  • Capacitors
  • Relays, transformers
  • Sensors
  • Electronic boards
  • Coils, electronic devices and filters.


Our resin systems can withstand the high temperatures associated with lead-free soldering processes. Their purity is combined with excellent mechanical and chemical stability, minimizing contamination and maximizing safety during the handling of sensitive electronic components.

Electrical Insulation

Our resins provide safety and durability to automotive OEMs for their mechatronic sensors and systems to ensure safety, passenger comfort and CO2 reduction. Our resins protect embedded electronics from heat, humidity and chemical aggression.

External Application

Advanced Driver assistance systems (ADAS) improve communication between driver and the outside environment, as well as enabling abilities to manage autonomous vehicle systems.

Sika resin solutions enable and protect multiple components – sensors, controllers, ECU’s, power controllers and cameras, allowing them to perform in a reliable manner.


  • Handle and park sensors
  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor
  • Latches


  • Resin design according customer’s specification
  • Shorten cycle time / improve efficiency 
  • High climatic resistance 

Engine Compartment

Placed as close as possible to the engine, our insulating resins help optimize thermal management; improving energy efficiency in order to reduce CO2 emissions, while also contribute to the comfort of the automobile.


  • Harness
  • Electric steering system 
  • Gear box sensor


  • High thermal resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance

Further Reading


With the accelerated growth of new electric vehicles, not only quality, safety and security aspects but also the environmental performance of the automobile is important for the consumers and for the manufacturers. This new market trend leads to new demands in terms of innovative solutions. New vehicles are revolutionizing automotive design, therefore creating a need for new materials to meet new requirements. Heat transfer solution is the new technical challenge for electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers.

Because our customers are constantly looking for innovative solutions to provide more efficient, reliable and safer electric vehicles, we have recently developed a 2-component epoxy resin for the e-motor stator encapsulation. This product not only enhances motor performance while facilitation design options, it also allows weight reduction and improvements in manufacturing by cutting cycle times. Our solutions also include multiple dielectric potting chemistries for controllers and on board chargers, as well as harnesses and connectors.