Material Characterization - Driving the Science of Innovation

Our materials team carries out extensive testing of products and characterization of polymeric and inorganic materials to ensure we have a full understanding of the products we design. With fully equipped laboratories, strategically located around the world, we have the resources necessary to develop superior products, ensure problem-free use, and deliver unequaled performance.  Our testing capabilities include:

  • Static and dynamic shear testing
  • Wedge impact peel testing
  • Rheological measurements
  • Tension, compression

Material Formulation - Comprehensive Validation and Technical Support

As a leader in automotive adhesives, damping, acoustics and reinforcement technologies, we are constantly looking for new materials that meet and surpass our customers’ specifications and requirements. With a skilled staff of scientists that ranks among the industry’s most innovative, we are able to deliver a stream of new materials and process improvements to our OEM and OES customers.

  • Your partner for developing solutions for metal-to-metal or metal-to-composite bonding, noise reduction, and structural reinforcement
  • Access to broad technologies and an extensive catalog of patented chemistries
  • Global material sourcing for maximum flexibility
  • Formulating expertise which includes:
    - Hot-curing rigid adhesives
    - 2C epoxy and PU for assembly and repair
    - Hot-curing rubbers and epoxy hybrids for sealing

Surface Science - Bringing New Innovations to the Surface

Adhesion and sealing start with knowledge of surface interactions.  Our-state-of-the-art surface characterization labs allow us to study surfaces of a wide variety of materials and substrates to determine the best ways to bond and seal them. Our surface science specialists routinely perform tests and analysis related to:

  • Surface topography
  • Surface composition
  • Surface corrosion
  • Study of bond layers and fracture surfaces