Structural and Crash Durable Adhesives

SikaPower® adhesives are one-component, epoxy-based, bulk hybrids that are cured by the temperature influence of electro-coat ovens. The SikaPower® product portfolio includes crash durable, structural and e-coatable adhesives.  All SikaPower® adhesives are available with or without glass spheres, which are important to keep a required bond line distance between two metal sheets and to control the gaps.

The bonding of oily substrates (standard anti-corrosion treatment and deep drawing oils, approx. 3 g/m2) is possible because of the oil uptake during the heat curing process; This is an essential material behavior for good adhesion to substrates. Common substrates in body shop applications for SikaPower® adhesives include all types of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), and combinations of these substrates, in mixed material bonding.


Our body shop adhesive product portfolio covers all bonding requirements; structural, crash resistant, hem flange and our newest mixed material bonding products, MBX, that address specifically Delta/Alpha challenges. For joining same or mixed materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic with traditional high-strength steel, SikaPower® products are available as cold or warm applied depending on the product.

Sikapower® Smartflow Technology Receives Innovation Star Accolades

Automotive Engineering Expo Innovation Star Logo for SikaPower adhesive

SikaPower® SmartFlow technology is a second-place winner in the 2019 Innovation Star Awards, given at the AEE Automotive Engineering Expo in Nurnberg, Germany.

Modern EV and lightweight architectures have a high proportion of profiles, which are incompatible with traditional adhesives. SikaPower® SmartFlow is an innovative adhesive concept, especially for such applications. The adhesive is injected into the joint gap and spreads exclusively along predetermined channels, avoiding the adjacent area.

Fewer Weld Points are Required Each Year Through the Use of Sikapower® Adhesives

SikaPower® - Crash and Structural Repair

OE-Quality Bonding for the Repair Shop

Lighter weight construction, greater use of mixed materials and higher safety standards have become important drivers in vehicle design, all of which have forced manufacturers to re-think their production processes.

Body shop joining for example, has evolved from purely mechanical joining to more hybrid joining processes (like bonding with mechanical fixation) and as a result, our versatile, one-component SikaPower® adhesives have become go-to solutions for new vehicle production.

Meeting the same quality expectations in the repair shop creates additional challenges, because the same production and curing processes, controlled conditions and specialized equipment (like cataplasma ovens), can’t be transferred to the repair garage.

Utilizing extensive expertise with both two-component (2C) epoxy adhesives and one-component SikaPower® adhesives, our engineers have developed a new generation of 2C epoxy-based adhesives specifically for repair applications. These OEM-approved adhesives allow technicians to repair vehicles to OEM standards for safety, quality and life-cycle performance. They can also reduce the steps associated with traditional joining processes. As example, spot welding - or riveting can be used which reduces marking, as well as the need to disassemble the interior and fuel system.