In the Sika Acoustic Test facilities, Sika Engineers and Application Experts perform virtual and physical testing, analyze the results and propose solutions that deliver optimal weight-to-performance ratio for each specific application.
The Sika Technology Centers have been designed to support the development, validation and optimization of sealing, damping, bonding and reinforcing products and solutions.  
A centerpiece of the networked Sika Technology Centers are the Acoustic Test Centers. They have a comprehensive range of material testing capabilities, which includes sound absorbation, vibration damping and sound transmission loss. Additionally, vehicle subsystems and full vehicles can be evaluated for noise and vibration.

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With approved and innovative solutions for vehicle assembly interior and exterior bonding, Sika allows partners faster and more effective production processes, while supporting customers to guarantee a smooth and stable supply chain to the OEM. By collaborating on advanced acoustic systems in an early project stage, Sika helps customers to enhance global projects with high performance as well as EHS-friendly products fitting specific requirements.



The Sika Acoustic Test Centers in Europe and in the USA have a comprehensive range of material testing capabilities, including sound absorption, vibration damping and sound transmission loss. Additionally, vehicle subsystems and full vehicles can be evaluated for noise and vibration using a full suite of hemi-anechoic and reverberation rooms.

The focal point of our Acoustic Test Centers is the vehicle chassis dynamometer, housed in a hemi-anechoic environment. Full vehicle NVH testing under a controlled environment can be conducted. To replicate real-world driving conditions, the room has the capability to simulate wind noise and the ability to accommodate a variety of road surfaces.

Acoustic Test Center equipment also includes a scanning laser vibrometer for accurate and precise vibration measurement of vehicle panels, a vehicle body leakage tester to assess the effectiveness of acoustic baffles using airflow, and a purpose-built and equipped facility for subjective sound quality evaluation and analysis in support of product development and customer programs.

Electric Vehicles: Challenges of design and soundproofing

As the auto industry undergoes radical change, it faces major challenges. The lightweight construction, the multi-material design and the static changes necessary to accommodate the battery cell requires new car body solutions. At the same time, interior soundproofing poses a  greater challenge than before due to vehicle body redesigns and the absence of traditional noise generating mechanisms. Heat management, insulation, and fire protection are becoming even more crucial as the number of electronic components gets bigger and increasingly powerful batteries are used. The Acoustic Test Center and capabilities captures, analyzes and can tune specific solutions to rectify these new challenges during design or actively during the prototype process. 


SikaSeal® and SikaBaffle® solutions use lightweight, preshaped, molded, extruded and die-cut parts within the primary body structure to effectively block common noise transmission paths. SikaSeal® and SikaBaffle® product families include thermoplastic and elastomeric-based formulations. They are designed to be heat activated and expanded inside vehicle body cavities.  SikaDamp® is a lightweight product family based on elastomers, bitumen or butyl, which can also be coupled with an aluminum constraining layer. Designed for best-in-class weight-to-performance ratios, while still providing industry-leading damping performance, SikaDamp® can be applied at any point during vehicle assembly or installed at the stamping location, even on oily surfaces.