Greater Options Start with Sika

With a full suite of bonding, damping, sealing, and reinforcing solutions, Sika is a key strategic partner for both OEMs and suppliers. By collaborating with our customers on advanced development projects, and early in program development, we can help customers optimize designs, identify cost savings and reduce complexity.

Our Products are Designed for Applications Throughout the Vehicle

For structural reinforcement applications, SikaReinforcer® body shop structural inserts are used in conjunction with SikaPower® structural adhesives to add strength and functionality.

For acoustic system applications, SikaBaffle® and SikaSeal® products block noise from entering the vehicle body section, while SikaDamp® products damp out vibration inside the vehicle.

In the body and paint shop, SikaSeal® and SikaPower® sealants and adhesives are used to effectively bond and seal vehicle body sections.

In glass bonding and assembly shops, SikaTack®, SikaForce®, and Sikaflex® are designed for a range of applications including glass, panel, and component bonding.

Both inside and outside of the vehicle, our broad product range – including Sikaflex®, SikaForce®, Sikasil®, SikaMelt®, SikaSense®, and SikaTherm® – are used to bond interior trim components such as doors, seats and instrument panels, as well as exterior components such as headlights, sunroof, and spoilers.