Distributing Concentrated High Loads Over a Large Surface

Hemflange Bonding

SikaReinforcer®-600 is a heat-expandable structural tape with a 40% expansion. The material offers excellent levels of mechanical performance (Youngs-modulus 1600 MPa, 18 MPa in tensile strength), and excellent adhesion properties on many types of metals (steel, aluminum), with or without oily treatment. It is also weldable and provides sealing performance.

Through the introduction of tapes, Sika extends its range of SikaReinforcer® products to aid both body in white designers and producers realize complex metal panel connections, and to achieve high-performance panel assembly through simple methods.


  • Joining Flanges in all areas where structural adhesives are limited in application
  • Bonding of sheet metal panels where access with welding equipment or adhesive equipment is not possible


  • Flexible design possibilities – can be applied to any complex metal sheet design
  • Easy assembly process - simplified joining method offering strength and sealing
  • Easy implementation – can be added manually and late in the design process as a go-to solution
  • Gap filling accounting for some variance in surface mating conditions

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