Charge Your Ambition. Start with Sika.

As announcements on e-mobility and E Battery Electric (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Hybrid (HEV) vehicles flood the news in today’s push for energy and environmentally friendly platforms, Sika Automotive takes a practical but user enhanced view on solutions for New Energy Vehicle (NEV) assembly.  Drawing on core competencies of sealing, bonding, damping and reinforcing, our full range of products and knowledge base are well equipped to meet the design challenges of NEV platforms that incorporate electrical supply storage and generation, as well as control modules and drive components that can introduce fundamental changes to design assumptions.  Our knowledge is deep, our product range equally supports our competencies; a full range of 1C/2C and boostered polyurethane, urethane hybrids, epoxies, thermoplastics, silicones, pressure-sensitive adhesives all exceed industry standard parameters for performance.

Referencing multiple vehicles in service today, explore our solutions for body and component assembly, NVH dissipation, acoustic treatment analysis and systems, reinforcement technologies for safety, dielectric potting, tooling technologies for system components and let us tailor solutions for your unique challenges.  

Lighter, Stronger, Safer, Quieter, Greener and Better New Energy Vehicles Start with Sika, you should too.

Sika is Ready

Sika is equipped for the future. “We have the technologies to support car manufacturers on the road to electromobility,” says Greg Moran, VP Global Automotive Marketing. Sika’s structural adhesives and structural strengthening components stiffen the newly designed car bodies and optimize crash performance. Sika cavity-sealing acoustic systems noticeably reduce the significantly more audible tire and wind noise in the vehicle interior. Numerous other Sika solutions are used to assemble, seal, protect, and thermally manage batteries as well as provide sufficient insulation and encapsulation of electric components. In addition to reducing the vehicle’s weight, Sika products also increase their safety and comfort. The new demands spell enormous potential: Sika aims to reach on average 20% more sales per electric car than for internal-combustion engine vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions: Cells, Array Modules, Packs Assembly & Safety
Battery Solutions: Cells, Array Modules, Packs Assembly & Safety
  • Thermal conductive adhesives for packing battery cells
  • Thermal insulating coatings to avoid heat runaway in battery array modules
  • Thermal conductive gap fillers for assembly of battery array modules
  • Structural adhesives and sealers for the battery housing assembly
  • Fire-resistant intumescent coatings to avoid fire/smoke spread
  • Flexible adhesives for final lid sealing of battery array modules and packs
SikaBiresin products for e-motor encapsulation with thermal conductivity and dielectric properties
High-Performance Solutions for Motors And Power Electronic Systems
  • High strength resins for e-motor stator windings encapsulation
  • Potting solutions for controllers, OBC, ECU, actuators
Electric Vehicle Dielectric Potting Solutions for Harness, Sensor, ECU and Lighting
Dielectric Potting Solutions for Harness, Sensor, ECU and Lighting
  • Harness protection
  • Grommets
  • Connectors
  • Sensors – door, air bag, etc