Performance Evaluation of Various Structural Damping Materials for Application in Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are different! So are the noise and vibration frequencies that are generated AND experienced by the occupants. Hear Sika expert Dr. Oliver Unruh, Head Sika Acoustic Center in Worms, Germany, discuss “Performance Evaluation of Various Structural Damping Materials for Application in Electric Vehicles.”

SikaDamp® AutoPad

Premium damping performance combines with the efficiencies of automation put the right material at the right place for the best-in-class process time.

Passive Fire Protection for E-Vehicle Battery Systems

Sikagard® fire protection coating technologies for electric vehicle battery compartments are the industry benchmark. Sikagard® treatment offers the highest level of fire security, providing the automotive industry with a solution to providing efficient and safe batteries.

Sika Acoustic Systems

Explore Sika’s advanced technologies and extensive test facilities that add to quiet rides. While our extensive array of products for structure-borne noise damping and airborne noise-blocking systems can’t be seen, they can be heard- in the quietness of the passenger cabin.

Webinar: Latest Trends and Innovations in Body Shop Adhesives

The evolution of advanced vehicle assembly necessitates continuous innovation to enable the joining of advanced materials targeted at lightweighting through the use of mixed materials, structural performance, vehicle dynamics, and crash performance. This webinar outlines the challenges – and solutions to modern vehicle body structures, and the adhesives that enable them.

Jaguar F-Pace at Sika Innovations 2018 with Urs Jaegar

See firsthand how the full array of Sika Automotive advanced technologies were used to assemble the Car of the Year 2018. Urs Jaeger, Global Head of Automotive Research and Development for Sika Automotive walks you through the concepts, the content, and the benefits of Starting With Sika.

Start with Sika - Global Automotive


With a full suite of bonding, damping, sealing, and reinforcing solutions, Sika is a key development partner for both automotive OEMs and suppliers.

Sika Automotive Asia/Pacific

Sika Automotive is expanding its presence and supporting local and global automotive manufacturers in China with high-quality product technologies and outstanding technical service.

Sika R&D - Part 1 - Mobility

Sika's Research and Development Team talks about innovations within Sika - Part 1

Sika Automotive Plant Romanshorn, Switzerland

Here, take a video tour of our state-of-the-art production facility in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Watch our SikaBaffle® and SikaReinforcer® products come to life as highly engineered parts for the latest platforms of vehicles.

Get Started with Sika PowerCure Tutorial

How do you innovate the already best adhesive products available in the industry today? Think out of the box and add unique curing mechanisms and ergonomic equipment to enable the “Next Generation”. Explore our latest offerings in the Sika® PowerCure range through a brief tutorial.

Sika Automotive Chemists Day

An annual event, “Chemist Days” brings together a group of our brightest and best – formulators, application engineering, technical services, and product management - to share and develop the latest ideas in chemistry possibilities and innovation application to our business. Here, enjoy a session with our Chemist days team- learning from a vehicle crash test/teardown and validating real-world performance of our products in-vehicle applications.

Leader in Car Glass Bonding

Millions of people travel by car every day. But few of them know the true functions of the windshield that gives them a clear view of the road. And even fewer know how the windshield is bonded to the car.

The World of Sika Industry

Enter the world of Sika Industry and discover more about bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting solutions for the automotive and shipbuilding industries, for assembly of buses, trucks and railway vehicles. Furthermore, Sika is also a development partner and supplier for the manufacture and assembly of sandwich panels, structural glazing, massive rotor blades on windmills, and even the production of white goods.