A Unique Single Solution for Wide-Ranging Applications

Side rear qaurter view of Body in white roof rail application of SikaSeal anti flutter adhesives

In anti-flutter and spot welding paste sealing applications, SikaSeal® adhesives provide good adhesion to standard OEM steel and aluminum substrates, as well as protecting the metal against age-related corrosion. They also offer excellent wash-out resistance, meaning they do not cause contamination of the phosphatization or EC baths in the body shop. SikaSeal® adhesives are outstanding in preventing bond-line read-through (BLRT) and do not reduce the strength of welding spots. They can also be utilized as a spot welding paste sealant.

Versatile Performer

SikaSeal® offers a standard product and a Universal product that captures the best of all requirements. SikaSeal® products are typically used for hang-on parts (doors, hoods, and tailgates), roof rails and body structure areas, applied as a bead, spotted bead or dot, or a combination of all three.  Although generally applied with typical cold follower plate equipment, the application system set up depends on the total length of pipes between the drum and nozzle.   


  • Roof to Roof Bow
  • Hood panel to Frame
  • Door panels
  • Tailgates
  • Hem flanges


  • Prevents bond-line read-through – unique matrix design
  • Weight saving – allows for use of thinner metal sheets
  • Superior corrosion resistance – excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Sustainable – reduced energy demand and cold pumpability

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