An Impressive Body of Sealing Options

A unique and special performance property of Sika anti-flutter adhesives is the ability of the materials to prevent the bond line read through.  SikaSeal® is mainly used for mastic and anti-flutter applications. Due to optimized viscosity, SikaSeal® can be pumped with a typical cold follower plate bulk dispensing systems.  Within the product range, some SikaSeal® adhesives are expandable which allows for the bridging of higher gaps.  SikaSeal® adhesives exhibit the highest washout resistance level in their product class, providing proven assembly performance.


SikaSeal® adhesives are delivered as bulk material and applied by cold or warm pumping equipment. In most cases, the last part of the dispensing system pipes, especially between doser and nozzle, is pre-heated in order to ensure the same application properties overall climate seasons. Applications are preferably done automatically by a robot but in some cases, manual application is implemented as well.

Main Material Properties

  • Low or no volumetric expansion
  • Cold pumpable
  • High resistance against washout
  • Shelf life is product specific, in general > 6 months


  • Prevents bond-line read-through – unique matrix design
  • Weight saving – allows for use of thinner metal sheets
  • Adhesion on different steel and aluminum grades
  • Sustainable – reduced energy demand and cold pumpability