Smarter Processes Start with Sika

Automotive manufacturers are constantly looking to reduce cost by lowering material costs, simplifying processing and improving quality to reduce scrap. The real challenge is in finding ways to meet these goals without reducing the performance of the vehicle or the product.

To help reduce material usage, Sika has perfected the art of using roof reinforcement and insulation (Dachversteifung und Dämmung, DVD). When used in conjunction with Sikaflex® adhesives, it allows for lighter weight and lower cost sheet metal construction, which results in overall lower vehicle cost without sacrificing panel stiffness.

Crash-resistant SikaPower® structural adhesives help increase passenger safety and improve car stiffness, and also reduce costs by decreasing the number of spot welding points required. In a recent analysis that used a premium segment car model, two different setups were analyzed; one representing the typical production car, the other an optimized body with less welding points, and thinner metal sheets. Both cars achieved the stiffness and crash requirements but with SikaPower® adhesives, 1,000 welding points and 30 kg of weight were eliminated.

And when we are engaged early in the vehicle development stage, we can help deliver cost and weight savings – without impacting performance – by replacing steel reinforcers with SikaReinforcer® body reinforcement solutions.