Innovation is our Greatest Strength

Reducing vehicle weight without impacting safety is a critical engineering challenge, and as a result, crash-durable bonding is now the most important joining process in the body shop (because it directly influences the performance of car body structure sections during a crash).

SikaPower® crash-durable adhesives contribute to a significant increase in energy absorption, which makes them an ideal solution when compared to traditional metal joining techniques. Superior impact peel values and reduction of car body intrusion space make SikaPower® products an increasingly effective bonding solution for high-performance vehicles.

Mixed Bonding Excellence

Modern car design requires high-performance adhesives which can bond to a wide variety of materials – oily substrates, multiple grades of steel and aluminum, and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. For mixed bonding of steel and aluminum, SikaPower® provides galvanic separation that improves protection against corrosion and increases vehicle durability. SikaPower® MBX technology helps influence and balance thermal expansion, making it ideally suited to an application where dissimilar materials need to be bonded.


  • Crash-relevant body structures
  • Mixed material bonding
  • Hem-flange bonding


  • Superior crash performance – hybrid system with high-energy absorption
  • Lower warranty cost – excellent aging durability
  • Increased car body stiffness – high E-modulus and Tg
  • Cost-saving – reduction of spot welding points
  • Excellent wash-out performance