Flexible Application Options

Sika offers a broad range of SikaPower® products for hem flange bonding. Although typically used with hang-on parts, the inclusion of glass beads also makes SikaPower® products suitable for use in body structures. The advantage of the glass beads includes “zero-gap” avoidance, which leads to better adhesion, mechanical performance, aging and corrosion properties. Depending on the customer requirements and processes, glass spheres of different sizes can be integrated into the SikaPower® product range.

Strengthening the Gaps

SikaPower® structural adhesives lower overall car weight and manufacturing cost while significantly increasing mechanical and fatigue performance, including various hem-flange application areas.

SikaPower® cold pumpable adhesives have the superior performance needed for automotive structural applications, especially in the area of wash-out resistance.   


  •  Hang-on parts
  •  Car body structures
  •  Mixed-material bonding


  • Increased hang-on part stiffness and crash durability
  • Gap control of hemming and body structure area
  • Pre-curable by induction, infrared or oven heating
  • Excellent durability and corrosion performance
  • Superior wash-out resistance (both warm- and cold-pumpable structural bonding adhesives)