The Right Technology for any Application

Lightweight bonding has become a common part of the vehicle manufacturing processes but joining substrates with different properties (like thermal elongation or polarity) presents a real challenge.

Sika offers a proven portfolio of bonding products which offer good adhesion to a broad range of substrates all over the vehicle exterior, including spoilers, fenders, hang-on parts such as doors and hoods, covers and even complete tailgates.

SikaForce® (flexible) 2C PU adhesives, 1C Sikaflex® Booster technology, and SikaMelt® hotmelts are specifically designed for lightweight bonding of mixed materials – metals, composites, woods and plastics like PBTP, ABS, and PC, as well as different blends. All three Sika technologies work well when pre-treatments like plasma, corona, or flame are utilized. SikaMelt® can also be used to bond polyolefins without the need for pre-treatments or primers.


  • Tailgates
  • Spoilers
  • Hang-on parts
  • Covers


  • Cost reduction – faster handling time (accelerated adhesive, fast adhesion build-up): shorter line, less storage time and space
  • Low modulus – no read-through marks (even in winter conditions)
  • Cures independent of environmental conditions
  • No pre-treatment (primer) needed
More than
5 Million Spoilers
are Bonded Each Year with
Sika Technology

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