Safer, More Comfortable Vehicles Start With Sika

The push for increased safety and comfort in vehicles isn’t a new trend. It can be traced back to the moment after the first vehicle rolled off an assembly line. Today, automakers face the challenge of making their vehicles quieter while simultaneously trying to engineer them with lower overall weight. This has traditionally meant creating lighter body structures, which often results in interior noise issues and decreased structural integrity in crash situations. We offer a range of solutions that have been specifically developed to overcome these negative effects on safety and comfort.

Solutions For Safety

For crash resistance and added stiffness, SikaReinforcer® can be engineered and integrated with the body structure. This innovative technology was utilized in the Mercedes S-class’ lighter weight aluminum chassis. SikaReinforcer was used in strengthening the body to create world-class vehicle body dynamics while contributing to an overall vehicle weight savings of more than 10 kg.

Crash resistance can also be improved with SikaPower® structural adhesives. Lighter materials, such as aluminum and composites, behave differently than traditional steel. SikaPower® can be used to bond these materials in areas of the body that are subject to mechanical load, with the additional benefit of adding stiffness to the body.

We can also combine these technologies for maximum effectiveness and cost-saving. And by using advanced CAE predictive techniques to optimize the design of the vehicle body, we can even help reduce development costs by reducing the need for physical prototyping and helping to avoid last-minute changes.

Solutions For Comfort

Our solutions can block out noise and damp out the vibration which could create discomfort for vehicle occupants. SikaDamp® is used to damp body panels while being engineered for optimal weight; this constrained layer damper has the best-in-class weight-to-performance ratio and is widely used around the world.

SikaBaffle® is a molded or extruded, thermoplastic, or rubber-based product that is designed to block out noise in body channel sections. It is inserted into the body structure during assembly and expands in the e-coat oven. The high degree of expansion and the 3-dimensional design ensure complete sealing.

Both SikaDamp® and SikaBaffle® were pioneered by Sika.