New materials, new possibilities

Trim parts bonding applications on assembly lines have opened up new possibilities for car body design while helping to simplify the manufacturing process.

Sika offers a wide range of one- and two-component polyurethane adhesives (Sikaflex® and SikaForce®), as well as hybrids, including our proprietary i-cure technology, which can be used for parts bonding (spoiler, antenna, bumpers, tailgates, side panels, headliners), as well as for cockpit bonding.

Very Flexible Solutions

The drive to reduce body weight has led to greater use of alternative materials (e.g. aluminum) as well as thinner metal panels. Our newly developed Sikaflex® Ultra-Low Modulus adhesives are specifically designed for bonding very thin sheet metal panels, without read through effects. They are also highly effective in DVD bonding as a panel stiffening technique.


  • Can be used with both robotic and manual applications
  • Add-on parts and cockpit bonding
  • Metal-panel stiffening and damping


  • Greater freedom in car body design
  • Improved sound damping performance
  • Contributes to body-weight reduction strategies

Further Reading