High-Strength Bonding for Structural Applications

Adhesive application on SikaStructure to form High Strength Bonding (SikaReinforcer® HSB)

HSB (High Strength Bonding) is a new technology that combines the use of complex injection-molded carriers (SikaStructure®) and a structural adhesive (SikaPower®) for bonding highly engineered reinforcements into targeted sections of car bodies. This new generation of structural reinforcement/adhesive products offers exceptional adhesion properties across a wide range of substrates and opens up a new range of structural design possibilities.


SikaPower® is delivered as a bulk material and is applied in combination with SikaStructure® carriers. SikaPower® adhesive beads are applied to the surface of the SikaStructure® carrier ensuring a strong bond between the part and the sheet metal. The structural inserts can be robotically or manually inserted into the vehicle cavity.

Main Material Properties

Sika provides a broad range of SikaPower® materials for high strength bonding applications dependent on desired performance and specifications:

  • Tensile strength up to 30 MPa
  • Multiple viscosities (cold or warm applied) enabling easy dispensing
  • Excellent adhesion properties on Sikastructure® carriers, and typical metal substrates
  • High/Excellent washout resistance
  • Superior mechanical performance properties
  • Easy application and workability
  • Long shelf life


  • High performing structural adhesive bonding coupled with form-fitting insert
  • Offers the highest performance in crash tests (low and smooth intrusion)
  • Greater design freedom - can be utilized for any 3-dimensional shape
  • Allows for Multi-material design
  • Weight savings
  • Cost savings
  • Corrosion prevention

SikaPower Repair

Two Component Adhesives with High Crash-Performance

SikaPower®-477 R is a two-component (2C) structural adhesive based on epoxy/amine technology. It features a new generation of tougheners that reduces crack sensitivity/promulgation and improves crash performance. This allows for high-quality structural, as well as crash-resistant, repair of steel and aluminum body parts.

SikaPower®-477 R provides excellent adhesion with a wide range of substrates like steel, aluminum, and carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic. High mechanical properties also help ensure the car can be restored to its original condition without any compromise of structural integrity.

The product cures at room temperature, however, the curing time can be accelerated by heating after application. A long open time (approx. 60 minutes) also allows for additional processing operations such as welding or riveting. The product also provides good corrosion protection.

Repair Application

SikaPower®-477 R offers easy application with a standard 1C application gun at room temperature. The bonding surface is prepared with a three-step “cleaning – grinding – cleaning” process. SikaPower®-477 R is applied on both sides of the bonding area, and can be cured either at room temperature or by using infrared, blanket or other heating processes.

Main Material Properties

  • Excellent crash-resistance performance
  • High Young’s Modulus
  • Wide adhesion range – to steel, aluminum, and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics
  • High glass transition temperature


  • Two-Component Structural adhesive for repair applications
  • Increased stiffness
  • Improved longevity (corrosion, fatigue)
  • u-TAH cartridge “2 in 1” applied through dynamic mixer

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