Block Materials and Pastes for Model and Mold Making

Image 1: Estech Design

A wide range of specially formulated machinable board materials in various densities and material properties offer all possibilities for the construction of design, styling, master and cubing models as well as various molds and other manufacturing tools.

Extrudable pastes fulfill the requirements of joint-free, near-net-shape models in the highest quality. The low-dust, fast machining is carried out very precisely using CNC milling.

Alternatively, casting resins in different viscosities and curing speeds can be applied by hand or machine in different casting methods. The Sika product range offers a wide array of characteristics based on requirements;  from rubber-elastic to super-tough resins while also offering necessary resistances to mechanical, thermal or chemical stress.


Specially formulated machinable boards with associated adhesives and putty fillers can be used for the construction of design or master models as well as for various manufacturing molds and tools.


  • Design, styling, master and cubing models
  • Negatives and molds
  • Various production molds and other manufacturing tools


  • Fast and precise CNC milling with low dust formation
  • Joint-free, near-net-shape models in highest quality
  • Modifications in shape can be made quickly and easily at low cost
  • Wide range of products from rubber-elastic to tough resins
  • Resistances to mechanical, thermal or chemical stress

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