High Performance Composites Systems based on Epoxy or Polyurethane

A wide range of high performance composites systems aimed for parts production as well for mold making applications. These high performance composites resins are designed to meet the highest standards of production, process efficiency and end-use performance.

Our composites matrix systems, based on epoxy or polyurethane, are specially formulated to give the optimal viscosity as well as other processing parameters to meet the different specific processes in the composites industry like RTM, pultrusion, filament winding, vacuum infusion and wet lay-up.


The systems are specially designed for the production of high performance composites also giving good wetting of difficult fibre materials as well as variable viscosity for different production processes. The application temperature ranges up to 225 °C.


  • Exterior parts like mudguards, engine hoods, spoilers etc.
  • Carbon wheels
  • Struts and structural components
  • Gas tanks
  • Interior parts such as seats, dashboards, etc


  • Different resins available for different processes and requirements
  • Wide range of hardeners available to adjust reactivity
  • Highly experienced technical service support available for on-site systems implementation
  • Resins and hardeners available in different container sizes

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