Multipurpose Hotmelts That Meet Complex Requirements and Simplify Processes

With so many diverse materials now being used in interior assembly, finding reliable, fast, and efficient ways to bond them is a major challenge for the OES. Headliners, door and instrument panel assemblies, seats, decorative parts, and assemblies of water shedders require fast setting hotmelts for assembly.  Sika offers a range of bonding and processing solutions for each of these applications.

SikaMelt® hotmelts, as well as SikaForce® 2-C PUR adhesives, have been specifically designed to meet industry process needs and are exceeding customer expectations worldwide. The latest generation of SikaMelt® reactive polyolefin hotmelts, for example, allows manufacturers to more efficiently bond headliner assemblies because both polar and nonpolar substrates can be bonded without the need for pre-treatment (primers).


  • Sun visors and decorative trims
  • Water shedders
  • Headliner assembly
  • Door panels


  • Short cycle times – ensures efficient processes
  • Worker/environmentally friendly – meets odor and VOC requirements
  • Proven and cost-effective
  • Excellent heat and aging resistance