Highly Targeted, Highly Effective Damping

As vehicle manufacturers place increasing emphasis on lightweight strategies, modern steel body panels are becoming thinner and thinner, or are being replaced by aluminum. These lightweight structures typically come with a loss in stiffness, which increases vibrations in the body structure and increases compartment noise. Through selective application to the vibrating surface, SikaDamp® allows engineers to effectively damp noise while still achieving the overall weight reduction they need.


Damping Materials

SikaDamp® products, from the first idea through material performance testing and prototyping, are developed and manufactured tailored for the reduction of structure-borne sound, weight reduction, sealing, and impact sound insulation.

Lightweight Damping Materials
Constrained layer expanded material system which achieves up to 80% weight saving with an even higher acoustic performance.

Automated Application
SikaDamp® products can be robotically applied.  Autopad is an automated system that combines the superior benefits of damping pads and efficiencies of LASD application.


From body shop to the assembly line large and thin panels including:

  • Door, hood, and roof
  • Floor pan
  • Wheel house
  • Trunk, quarter panels


  • High-performance structure-borne noise attenuation
  • Contributes to overall lightweight strategy
  • Increases body panel stiffness
  • Automated application possible
  • Best in class performance to cost ratios

Acoustic Test Centers

In the Sika Acoustic Test facilities, Sika Engineers and Application
Experts perform virtual and physical testing, analyze the results, and
propose solutions that deliver optimal weight-to-performance ratio for
each specific application.