An Impressive Body of Sealing Options

Our SikaBaffle® products are 3D, heat-reactive thermoplastic, or elastomeric parts designed to seal a body cavity. SikaBaffle® products have been developed with a variety of volumetric expansion properties to ensure even complex body cavities can be sealed to meet OEM design parameters. Through design engineering, acoustic properties can be tailored to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Once cured, SikaBaffle® products offer excellent adhesion to oily and e-coated body panels, including all of the main substrates used in the automotive industry – cold-rolled, galvanized (hot dipped and electroplated) and galvanneal steel, as well as automotive grades of aluminum. They also maintain their adhesion properties through a range of aging and weathering test conditions.



Molded Parts
Injected molded parts are based on thermally expandable thermoplastic materials that can be designed into 3D shapes, with or without a supporting carrier, and that can virtually seal any cavity geometry. Molded parts are proven to offer the best-cost-to-volume ratio.

Extruded Parts
Extruded parts are foam-only applications without the need for supporting carrier material. Self-adhesive expandable or co-extruded parts with an adhesive layer, alternatively with an integrated mechanical attachment are the ideal option for small to medium-sized cavities.

Robotic or Manual Application
SikaBaffle® parts can be robotically or manually applied into vehicle cavities. Mechanical fasteners are pre-designed to maintain proper positioning throughout the assembly process, without deflection or movement.


  • Process robust, effectively resistant to cold zones and multi-bake curing conditions
  • Extended bake conditions, from low bake to high-temperature resistance
  • Flexible expansion rates from 300 - 2000%
  • Designs combining the advantages of materials to enhance acoustic performance
More than
Parts Based on our SikaBaffle® and SikaReinforcer® Technologies are Supplied Annually to the Global Automotive Industry

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Acoustic Test Centers

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Experts perform virtual and physical testing, analyze the results, and
propose solutions that deliver optimal weight-to-performance ratio for
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