Versatile Water-Based Aktivators

Close up View of technician manually applying Sika HydroPrep water based aktivator on windshield

In the past, automotive pre-treatments, like cleaners, aktivators, and primers, were solvent-based. As the demand for more eco-friendly solutions grew, VOC-reduction became an important target for vehicle manufacturers.

The first significant reduction in VOC was achieved in 1985 with the elimination of a 2-step pre-treatment process to paint coatings and ceramic frits. In 2006, Sika introduced Sika HydroPrep®-100, its first water-based activator for glass bonding, which almost completely eliminated the need for VOCs. Since that time, Sika® HydroPrep® has evolved from a 2-component system to a 1-component system, which has simplified processing for our customers without impacting performance.

Currently, our product development team is focused on the development of additional water-based pre-treatments. A number of our advanced cleaners and activators for paint are already in use in automotive assembly lines around the world, and a water-based, MDI-free black primer to glass product is currently in the advanced development stages.

Main Material Properties

  • Water-based activator – VOC-free
  • Excellent adhesion performance
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of aging conditions.


  • Direct glazing
  • Pre-treatment of ceramic frits and glass float surfaces


  • Significant reduction of direct glazing pre-treatment VOC footprint
  • Suitable for manual and automated application
  • Significant reduction of product consumption
  • Simplification of process and storage conditions – no exhaust systems required
More than
300,000 L
Less Solvent Used Annually by Using Sika® Hydroprep®

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