Many people can tell the make of a car from the slamming of the door alone. In the development process of new vehicles, vehicle sound design is gaining importance in terms of shaping its character, comfort optimization and value perception.

In our state-of-the-art acoustic test facilities, Sika engineers and application experts perform virtual and physical testing, analyze the results and propose solutions that deliver optimal weight-to performance ratio for each application and acoustics treatment package for vehicles.

The Acoustic Test Centers count with a comprehensive range of material testing capabilities for airborne and structure-borne noise. Additionally, vehicle subsystems and full vehicles can be evaluated for noise and vibration.

For structure-borne noise, Laser Doppler Vibrometers (LDV) studies can be performed to optimized damping package layouts. Reduced weight without compromising acoustics, optimized weight, or acoustic performance without compromising cost.

Sika engineer applying SikaDamp AutoPad vibration product via an Automatic robot

Equipment and Capabilities

OLF (Optical determination of Loss Factor)

The in-house developed OLF measuring technique enables the precise measurement of the damping characteristics of single and multiple layer materials in a wide temperature range and in the high-resolution frequency range.

OLF enables a precise loss factor determination of the damping coverage, resolved according to frequency and temperature. The previously used methods for determining damping characteristics, such as the Oberst method, only provide damping values at discrete frequencies and make it impossible to match the damping coverings exactly to the requirement.

Laser Scanning Vibrometer

The laser scanning vibrometer is a quick and contact-free measuring method for the analysis of complex noise and vibration issues. It enables the visualization of vibrations in components or complete vehicle bodies and the representation of complex interrelationships. As a result, we can design precise and effective damping solutions without compromising weight or cost.


The variable all-wheel drive chassis dynamometer enables vehicles to be run in both acoustic free-field conditions and in road-similar conditions and assessed acoustically under stable conditions. A special feature of the dynamometer is the possible applications for thermal inspections on the vehicle.

Ancillary Testing Facilities
  • Stiffening test bench
  • Phsyco-acoustic test lab
  • Impedance tube
  • High-resolution thermal camera
  • Acoustic test track