Innovative Pre-treatment Solutions

Sika offers a variety of pre-treatment solutions including black primers, aktivators and cleaners, which are designed to improve immediate, as well as long-term adhesion on a very wide range of substrates. Our product portfolio includes:

Sika® Aktivator

For direct glazing applications, Sika® Aktivator can be used on ceramic frits, glass float and painted surfaces pre-treatments. Used as a standalone product or in combination with Sika Primer, it allows for primerless adhesion to paint and/or glass leading – a significant cost reduction which also helps reduce VOC emissions.

Sika® Primer

Our Sika® Primer direct glazing pre-treatment systems are widely used throughout the industry but we also offer Sika® Primer products that are specifically designed to support our OEM customers in achieving their weight reduction targets. For example, we offer a one-step, long open time black primer which can be used for pre-treatment of standard substrates like ceramic and paint, as well as plastics, carbon, aluminum and other lightweight materials.

Sika® Cleaner

Sika® Cleaner is used to remove potential contaminations – like dust, finger prints and silicone agents – prior to the application of Sika® Aktivator, Sika® Primer and other pre-treatments. It also improves the immediate, as well as long-term, stability of the adhesion.


  • Suitable for manual and robotic applications
  • UV-detectable on a variety of substrates
  • Improves immediate and long term adhesion


  • Direct glazing
  • Mixed material bonding (CFRP, Aluminum, Steel, PC, PP)
  • Trim part bonding


  • Eliminates pre-treatment steps – leads to a reduction of VOC emissions
  • Reduces cost by eliminating extra steps in the process
  • Gives designers greater flexibility in material selection