Exceptional Cost/Weight-to-Perfomance

SikaDamp® is a non-curing, lightweight, elastomeric constrained layer damper. It is co-extruded with either aluminum foil or a glass cloth top layer to enable easy application and integration with production processes. SikaDamp® can be pre-shaped using a die-cut process and optimized to the specific application. SikaDamp® is also available in a range of thicknesses, which allows engineers to define the best weight-to-performance ratio (including the respective damping factors of the different thicknesses into the geometry definition). This makes SikaDamp® a best-in-class solution for weight and cost-to-performance ratio.


  • Door, hood and roof
  • Floor pan
  • Wheel house
  • Trunk, quarter panels


  • Engineered NVH solution
  • Adaptable design (die-cut) to specific requirements
  • Range of thicknesses to meet the specific damping requirements
Interior Noise reduction using SIkaDamp® acoustic solutions