Sika Automotive is proud to feature its innovative car body solutions at the Joining in Car Body Engineering 2022 conference on the 26th and 27th of April at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, MI.

Stefan Axmacher, PD Joining Engineer, from Ford Motor Company and Michael Gutgsell, Sika's Department Manager R&D BIW Bulk, will present on April 26th, at 9:20 AM the new crash-resistant BIW adhesive, SikaPower®-550 G. Mr. Axmacher’s part will discuss the new design specifications, the requirements, and the use of the adhesive. Afterward Mr. Gutgsell will show how the requirements were implemented in development and how production is introduced globally. Urs Rheinegger, Sika’s Global Technology Manager R&D BIW Bulk, will join for the Q&A session.

The requirements for modern structural BIW adhesives have increased steadily over the past few years. In the case discussed, Ford combined several adhesive types in a new specification which will apply globally. To meet the increased requirements, Sika developed a new crash resistant BIW, which is already being used in series production in North America and is currently being rolled out, globally to supply the most important regions from local production. This new crash adhesive meets the steadily increased requirements, e.g. regarding corrosion and fatigue durability, humidity resistance in uncured state and wash-off performance.