Sika-Sponsored Rinspeed Snap Cruises into the Future of E-Connectivity

Sika Automotive announces its sponsorship of the Rinspeed AG concept vehicle for the sixth year in a row.
The Snap, Rinspeed's 2018 concept vehicle, will be on display for the first time, January 11, 2018 at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Snap is a self-driving car, packed full of electronic components and cutting-edge features to be an elaborate and unparalleled mobility ecosystem.  Rinspeed has designed the Snap's high-wear chassis ("skateboard") - to be separated from from the durable passenger safety cell ("pod") - allowing the passenger compartment to enjoy a second functional life, after the chassis and electronic drivetrain have exceeded their service life.
As part of its sponsorship, Sika has provided technologies to support the design and construction of this concept vehicle - which is right in line with automotive industry megatrends of e-mobility, lightweighting and sustainability. Sika solutions help accomplish these objectives without sacrificing losing safety, comfort or leisure experience.
Sika solutions contributed to the Rinspeed Snap in the following ways:  
Dielectric Potting  Sika's high tech resin formulations satisfy the requirements of potting, encapsulation and casting applications in numerous industries. Resins for capacitors, relays, sensors, electronic boards, coils, electronic devices and filters are part of the high tech encapsulation and potting resins of SikaAxson. Furthermore, they offer high chemical and mechanical properties. 
Flame Retardant & Insular Coatings  Sika Fire Protection Systems have been developed as intumescent coatings for steel and wood substrates. These products offer fire and corrosion protection at the highest level. Those features combined with high mechanical and chemical resistance provide excellent solutions for safer e-vehicles. 
Structural Inserts  Sika structural insert technology reinforces vehicle body structures while delivering process efficiency
and outstanding performance. The three-dimensional parts are designed to enable the creation of car bodies that are lighter, yet maintain higher impact resistance. 
Structural Adhesives and Sealers  Sika's proven structural adhesives, mastics and sealants enable improvement of vehicle body
stiffness, crash and corrosion resistance in combination with enhanced fatigue performance. 
Assembly Adhesives  Longevity and durability against climatic influences - in combination with lowest possible weight and optimized processes - drive the selection of Sika assembly adhesive for e-vehicles. A large variety of one component and accelerated assembly adhesives from Sika fulfill these requirements in an optimal way. 
Battery Cell and Pack Assembly  Battery boxes are a key weight contributor in today's e-vehicles. It is no surprise that weight
reduction in this area is a focus. Furthermore, the boxes must be protected from leaking and require thermal insulation. Sika offers different sealants and adhesives and potting materials address all of these issues. 
The first presentation of the Snap concept car is planned for January 11 at the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and afterwards in March at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.