Sikaflex®-AT Series Sealants and Adhesives

Reliable Performance Across a Broad Range of Applications

Our Sikaflex®-AT series includes solutions for seam sealing, spray- and brushable seam applications, as well as for bonding small parts on to the vehicle. These products are one-component PUR hybrids which have been formulated to meet the specific requirements of the car body repair process.

Backed by more than 2000 over-painting and paint adhesion tests, our Sikaflex®-AT products work well with modern over-paint systems. They can be applied wet-on-wet, or after a longer period, regardless of the climatic conditions.

The Sikaflex®-AT series for seam sealing provides an aging-resistant and permanently elastic seal, with good adhesion to all of the most-commonly used materials, including metal primers, paint coatings, metals, painted plastics and plastics.


  • Over paintable with water-based paint systems
  • Short cut-off string, fast curing and good non-sag properties
  • Permanently elastic and aging resistant
  • Restores the original factory finish in corrosion repair


  • Applied as bead for seam sealing
  • Spray and brushable elastic sealant for seam sealing and lap joints
  • Structural joints that are subject to dynamic stresses


  • Primerless adhesion to all of the substrates commonly used in body shops
  • Perfect surface with the high quality finish characteristics
  • Easy, clean and problem free application