Multi-Purpose Adhesives for Interior Parts Applications

Our SikaSense® product line includes water- and solvent-based one- and two-component
(1C & 2C) adhesive systems, which are engineered to create an elastic, strong and durable bond on plastics, wood, (synthetic) leather, cotton fibres or wood fibres. They are primarily used for interior parts applications. Curing occurs as the solvent or water in the system evaporates, with curing speed dependent on the ambient temperature.


SikaSense® adhesives cover a broad range of applications, substrates and processes, so material properties vary depending on which substrates are being bonded. Viscosities and rheological properties can be adjusted and optimized to meet special process requirements.  


  • Leather wrapped dashboards
  • Door panels
  • Door inserts

SikaSense® adhesives are typically applied by roller, brush, doctor blade or spray gun to both joining surfaces. For applications with non-treated polyolefin substrates, a SikaSense® primer can be used to improve adhesion. 2C systems must be properly mixed to ensure reliable performance. Our System Engineering team is available to provide advice on selecting and setting up suitable equipment.


  • Low-VOC systems are available
  • Broad adhesion range
  • Excellent heat and aging resistance
  • High initial strength