A Multi-Purpose Raw Material for Injection-Molded Parts

Sikamid® is a raw material used to create SikaStructure® plastic carriers in acoustic, sealing, NVH or crash applications. Based on a technical evaluation by our engineering team, a Sikamid® formulation can be selected to ensure all of the specific application requirements are met.


Sikamid® is not yet available as a raw material for other suppliers


Sikamid® materials are available with various mechanical properties, depending on the technical needs of the designed parts:

  • Sikamid® with 30 to 50% glass content
  • High mechanical performance (Tensile modulus, Tensile stress at break)
  • Easy to inject in 3D shapes
  • Optimal adhesion to Sika’s product range (SikaPower®, SikaReinforcer®, SikaBaffle®)
  • Ability to support E-coat oven temperatures


  • Our engineering team can select from a number of raw material choices, depending on the application need
  • Well-suited to NVH, local stiffness, fatigue or crash application