Cavity Sealing

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Acoustic Insulation

Keeping noise levels low inside the vehicle is a key to achieving higher
levels of passenger comfort. The SikaBaffle® and SikaSeal® family of products
helps improve vehicle acoustic performance by effectively sealing the car body
and reducing noise transmission.

Noise reduction from the source

SikaBaffle® and SikaSeal® products are applied during the assembly of
the body structure to later expand in the electro-deposited (E-Coat) oven and to
tightly seal the body cavity.

Improved Body Sealing

SikaBaffle® and SikaSeal® are also an ideal solution for preventing dust, moisture and water from getting into the passenger compartment.

Engineering Support

Sika provides engineering support to help automotive manufacturers analyze their acoustic vehicle concept and create optimal part designs.


  • A-, B-, C- and D-pillar
  • Rocker area
  • Bow
  • Roof sections


  • 100% sealing, preventing noise, water and moisture entering the vehicle
  • Extended bake conditions, from low bake to high temperature resistance
  • Solutions for both acoustics and water sealing concepts  



Acoustic System Products

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