Sika Automotive has been a leader in innovative acoustic solutions for over 35 years -  making cars quieter and more comfortable - without adding excess weight.

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1980S By combining butyl tapes with aluminum foils, Sika develops vibration damping materials for automobile sheet metal skins
1990s Sika starts supplying acoustic damping foams able to fill vehicle pillars - reducing vibration and wind noise
1990s SikaBaffle and SikaSeal expanding materials are introduced for improved acoustic damping performance at lower weight
1990s The first patented thermoplastic baffles, the SikaLastomer-240 series of products, are introduced
2000s The second generation of Sika Baffle technology is launched with the SikaBaffle-250 series, featuring a new polymer matrix
2000s  SikaDamp-630 launches - ushering in a new wave of lighter-weight damping pad products for vehicle body structures
2000s High-expansion SikaBaffle-300 launches, for improved cavity-filling performance with less material
2010s  SikaBaffle technology advances further with the release of the 400-series products, compatible with a wider range of manufacturing conditions
2010s Sika opens a new technical center in China
2010s Sika opens a brand new manufacturing facility in Mexico
2010s Numerous products are expanded to our global production network in line with our commitment to global reach with local presence
2010s Sika's acquisition of FAIST ChemTec joins two families of acoustic products, giving Sika the largest range of formulations and configurations of acoustic solutions for airborne and structure-borne noise in the automotive industry
2010s Sika's Ultra Lightweight Constrained Layer Damping System wins the Altair Enlighten Award for achievement in vehicle weight-saving technology.