Sika Automotive has entered a sponsorship agreement with London Business Conferences Group for the popular global automotive lightweighting series 2016.  The conference programs, Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM), Global Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing (GLVM) and Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Manufacturing (GALMM), held around the world provide an exciting environment for sharing of information and technical developments in the vehicle lightweighting arena.

Sika Automotive’s full range of products contributes significant impacts to lightweighting initiatives for vehicle and component manufacturers; the holistic approach targets treatment of the total vehicle including BIW structural adhesives and antiflutter products, reinforcement technologies, acoustic systems, and lamination process adhesives for interior and exterior finishing of vehicle components.  Sika Automotive will be a presenter and a headline and co-sponsor of the entire automotive lightweighting series. The first event of the series will be the GLVM in Detroit, Michigan, USA on February 24-25. Dr. Steve Davis, Sika R&D Lab Manager, will present on the topic, “Considerations and Benefits of Advanced Adhesive Applications for Vehicle Lightweighting in Automotive Assembly Process”.

“London Business Conferences Group has done a good job in establishing this series and managing forums that move lightweighting technology and approaches forward”, says Greg Moran, Sika VP and Head Global Automotive Marketing. “Our interest is in doing the same through publicizing and educating how the use of engineered adhesives can assist in reaching lightweighting targets while overcoming manufacturing hurdles for conference participants”.

GALM events are scheduled for April, August and September, GLVM event is scheduled for February and GALMM event is scheduled for November. For more information on Sika Automotive and list of automotive events, please visit