Sika Global Automotive announces sponsorship of the Global Automotive Lightweight Manufacturing (GALM) Conference - China to be held in Shanghai , March 26-27, 2015.  Sika, a leader in adhesives for Body in White, Assembly, and structural reinforcements will showcase their product range during the event.


Sika products for these applications contribute directly to addressing global megatrends affecting the industry and designers; as weight is reduced through removal of materials, thinning of substrates or the addition of lightweight components for benefit, structural integrity and vehicle dynamics are affected.


The full range of Sika products, coupled with design expertise allows the joining of same or mixed material substrates, adding standalone or bonded in lightweight components to maintain structural integrity, and add strength to the vehicle for better crash resistance. Further, use of Sika products addresses developing issues with read through as vehicle skins become thinner.


SikaPower® crash resistant, crash durable and semi crash resistant adhesives, SikaSeal® expanding and non-expanding adhesive mastics, SikaReinforcer® structural inserts and Sikamid® injection molded reinforcer products all contribute to Lighter, Stronger, Safer, Quieter and Greener Vehicles.


Please visit Sika at their Booth to see how Sika products help manufacturers Build Better Vehicles.