Sika Presents New Bonding Solutions Sikapower® MBX and Sikapower® Smartflow at Strategies in Car Body Engineering 2020


Sika Department Manager, Michael Gutgsell​ will give in-depth insights into new bonding solutions for lightweight vehicles at the upcoming Strategies in Car Body Engineering conference March 4-5, in Bad Nauheim, Germany.


The need for lighter chassis to reduce CO2 emissions, and the growth of electric vehicles are two major trends driving new approaches in vehicle body design. To reach these targets more and more different materials are combined in the engineering of modern vehicle bodies. As such, adhesive bonding is the ideal solution for mixed material joining.


One of Sika’s newest body shop adhesives specifically designed for this purpose, SikaPower® MBX, will be explained in Gutgsell’s presentation, “New Bonding Solutions for New Lightweight Concepts.” Gutgsell’s presentation is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Thursday, March 5.


Additionally a new injectable adhesive to join casting parts with profiles in the body shop, SikaPower® SmartFlow, will be presented. As an outlook, a new adhesive technology optimized for battery construction of e-vehicles will be


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